Jack’s Reloaded


Renew Australia and Working Heritage are partnering on an exciting new initiative to activate a group of disused spaces within the Jack’s Magazine heritage precinct. Hidden away on the banks of the Maribyrnong River and surrounded by leafy parks, the imposing bluestone walls, magazines and earth mounds of Jack’s Magazine have connections to turning points in Victoria’s history and industrial past. Jack’s Reloaded will see a new lease on life for this unique site and tranquil location.

Jack’s Reloaded is a first for Renew Australia as, typically, a hurdle in our projects is finding property owners willing to provide their spaces on a rent-free basis. On this occasion however, Working Heritage approached Renew Australia to find new and creative uses for the vacant buildings at Jack’s Magazine, while they undertake a Site Management Plan to develop a clear vision and direction on the future use of precinct. In the first instance, Jack’s Reloaded will activate the loading dock and shed, and potentially the ammunitions store, incubating short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local initiatives. This initiative will be an important first step in breathing new life into Jack’s Magazine, which has remained dormant since it was decommissioned in the early 1990s.

For further information on the project please visit the Jack’s Reloaded website.