In house workshops

Renew Australia can work in your local community, your company or your organisation to build up skills and strategies about how to engage and work with creative people. From our experience most communities around Australia have untapped creative potential — they have people within them with transformative ideas, energy and ambitions but all to0 often their initiative is thwarted. Renew Australia can work with you to identify and bring out their creative potential.

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Each year Renew Australia will be offering a series of intensive, high level, high quality training opportunities in select locations around Australia. Suitable for local government, economic development professionals, people who work with properties, and leaders in the community, these training opportunities will introduce those people to the thinking and the strategies required to harness creative initiative.

What people have said about our training:

  • Thank you. Very much inspired and admire the way you packaged up and shared the model
  • All the content was helpful and interesting and well presented
  • Most helpful was being able to talk the language – empowering those with little experience to confidently make an approach to an appropriate area.