Renew Australia provides training, consultancy and support services to business, government and community groups engaged in the creative activation of space. Renew Australia is a trading social enterprise. We sell services to government, business and economic development professionals and use income generated by doing this to subsidise support for community groups and local initiatives. We do not, at this stage, receive any government funding so the support we can provide is dependent on the revenue we can generate.
If you’re after advice, support or guidance some of the services and support we offer include:

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  1. carol leslie says:

    hello, i have a small business in regional victoria, i am in antiques, art and gifts. i have found a very large building in Bairnsdale and would like to turn it into an arts and antiques market, leasing off space at reasonable, affordable amounts to artists and micro businesses. maybe you can help, maybe not but i have to ask.

    the building is for lease but the agents are saying ‘make an offer’ and i just don’t know how to start. being a micro business myself, funds are tight but i do need a new space to expand to and i am one of those ‘incentivators’ or whatever you call them. i have a good team of staff,friends and artist colleagues who would all pitch in and help to make this a success. just need some serious mentoring and help.

  2. jenny ryan says:

    I am an artist/ curator , recently arrived from Melbourne, and would love to set up an artist run initiative (for profit, as in a gallery shop studio) to showcase local artists. I have a BA in fine art, and a grad dip in museology/curatorial studies. Previously I was responible for setting up an artist run initiative in Melbournes cbd, and have extensive gallery experience, in public and commercial galleries. I have heard of an Oxford Street creative initiative, and would appreciate any information or contact details.

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Markus,
    A training opprtunity for staff at Yarra Council is something of real interest here. This too would most likely lead to ongoing consultancy work to renew some of our once active centres.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kindest Regards,
    Mark Gebbie
    Public Space Designer
    Yarra City Council

  4. Christal Treweeke says:

    Hi Jenny, I am also an artist and have a BA in Fine Arts and would like to be involved in the Artist Run Gallery/ Shop you are planning. I live in Docklands and I know Renew Australia have been helping creatives/designers get free/low rent shops in this area. It would be great for a few of us to get together to work on this. Christal

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