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Beautiful minds

5 November 2011 | Posted in: Media

“Renew Newcastle bought nothing, built nothing and own nothing but we made so many things happen that wouldn’t otherwise have happened because we changed how things work – we made it cheaper and easier to access space.”

Newcastle Herald, 5 November 2011

Newcastle Renew project shows the way

28 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“Renew Newcastle has allowed hundreds of people to take what they do to the next level. In turn, it has given the city a surge of creativity, originality and distinctiveness that differentiates it from other cities and the suburban shopping centres that have sucked the life out of its once beating heart.”

The Press, 28 October 2011

Renew Australia

14 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“The philosophy and vision that Marcus carries with him is a beautiful thing. Renew Newcastle takes away the red tape, lowers the barrier to entry and embraces risk to galvanize artists and creatives into action. They have created a new type of property usage licence, they have worked incredibly hard to deliver real and lasting change to the social and cultural fabric of Newcastle.”

Clever by nature, 14 October 2011

Art and music is the key

12 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“Fill the empty spaces with interesting things and people will come. Wise words from Marcus Westbury, the man responsible for some of the most innovative, unconventional and successful projects revitalising regional Australia.”

The Gympie Times, 12 October 2011

Urban renewal expert to visit Christchurch

11 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“[Marcus Westbury], the man behind some of Australia’s more innovative, unconventional and successful cultural projects will visit Christchurch next month…

The Renew initiative has been so successful that it has been ‘franchised’ as a model for urban regeneration. It is being developed for implementation throughout Australia.”

The Press, 11 October 2011

Renew Australia launched

11 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“The program that transformed the down-at-heel main street of Newcastle is being extended across the nation. Last week. Renew Australia was launched to find short- and medium-term uses for buildings that are vacant, disused or awaiting redevelopment in urban and regional areas.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 11 October 2011


Empty shops provide opportunity

4 October 2011 | Posted in: Media

“Three years down the track and the [Newcastle] mall is thriving again. Shoppers have returned, crime is down, and most importantly for landlords, commercial tenants are back and almost all the small shops are full. In addition, several of the businesses which started with the benefit of nominal rent have now become commercially viable…

A runaway success, Renew Newcastle has set it sights on replicating the model on a national basis. Renew Australia will be offering services to councils and commercial landowners Australia-wide, either consulting to them or managing the process of urban renewal.”

Byron Shire Echo, 4 October 2011

An injection of energy

28 September 2011 | Posted in: Media

“As news spread about the major transformation of Newcastle’s city centre from terminal decline to now being full of commercial tenants, Gympie councillors agreed the strategies used could easily be applied to this region.”

The Gympie Times, 28 September 2011

Renew Newcastle goes national

26 September 2011 | Posted in: Media

“The innovative ‘Renew Newcastle’ project is officially going national – launching an advisory body next month aimed at revitalising towns and regional cities across the country.” 

ABC News Online, 26 September 2011

Urban renewal contributions to community welfare

22 September 2011 | Posted in: Media

“For the artists, cultural projects and community groups that occupy premises, ‘Renew Newcastle’ provides exposure and opportunity that may not have otherwise been possible or viable.”

Urbecon, September 2011