Matching projects to spaces

Matching the artists and creative initiatives to the right spaces is important part of getting the project right and there are a few key principles to getting the process right and as fast and effective as possible.

Do what it is easy to do — don’t wait for what is ideal

One of the key principles of temporary projects is to prioritise finding uses for existing spaces that are easy to do, rather than starting at the other end with a grand project idea that may not be easy to realise. Do what you can do easily rather than get frustrated by what you can’t. A key aim is to create momentum and initiative so if you can find a space and broker access to it for someone who can quickly, get in, get out, and can work in their without seeking additional permits or delays that is ideal.

Remember too, that efficiency is important, unless you’re rolling in cash you want to get the largest amount of good quality projects for the minimum amount of effort.

Match uses to spaces

Some properties lend themselves to certain kind of uses – a big open space with large walls makes a great gallery for photography or large contemporary art, a small pokey shopfront by contrast is a great space for a local jeweller or craftsperson. Someone who is making their own small wares needs small spaces while a sculptor for example might need a large one. Ideally you should always be looking for the best use of any given space.

Remember the wider community’s support is important

How the public will react to different kinds of work and what the passing audience is likely to be is an important consideration. Putting a gallery of confrontational images next to a toy shop or a school is asking for trouble. As a general rule the more prominent a space the more important it is to ensure that it is not merely managed responsibly but seen by the public to be managed responsibly. Each project is at least partially an advertisement to potential projects, property owners and the wider community – getting it right is the best promotion you can get.