Affiliate Program

Has your town got too many empty spaces? 

Our affiliate membership is available for people who want to start their own empty space program in their local community.  Becoming an affiliate project allows us to help you by providing things like insurance coverage for you and your projects, licence agreement templates, as well as advice on compliance, risk management and project support.

This is ideal for those who need support in implementing the Renew model in their community, but do not need, or no longer require Renew Australia’s support on the ground in their community to get started.

An annual membership includes:

  • Access to Renew Australia’s national insurance program (for organisations) and casual insurance service for projects
  • Phone and online based mentorship and support sessions with experienced practitioners, legal experts and compliance advice
  • Advice and assistance with lobbying, funding and other practical issues
  • Access to a series of templates and tools for project management
  • Promotion of your project through the Renew Australia website, facebook and other media platforms
  • Ongoing advice and support

The program is offered at an annual fee of $3,000 and gives you all the necessary information and support you will need to hit the ground running with your own Renew-style initiative.

For more information contact us on 03 99820785 or email [email protected]