Vision, Mission and Values


Renew Australia’s vision is that to make Australia a country that creates opportunities and incubates possibilities in what would otherwise be wasted spaces.


Renew Australia is a national, not for profit company dedicated to working with local communities, companies, and creative people to seed strategies, skills and projects that will transform underutilised spaces from liabilities to opportunities. Renew Australia will incubate new ideas, creative experiments and opportunities that will enhance the lives of local communities by making them socially, cultural and economically richer.


Ethical – to behave at all times in a manner that is ethical, fair and transparent and treat our staff, our clients and key stakeholders as we ourselves expect to be treated.

Share knowledge freely – while Renew Australia is charging for consultancy and training services we also recognise that our larger role is to be a catalyst for new thinking about space, community and creativity. We aim to encourage and catalyse that thinking regardless of location or capacity to pay.

To both profit from and freely support othersRenew Australia aims to charge those with a capacity to pay while supporting those without. We aim to provide value added services based on the organisational and professional needs of our clients while providing practical support to communities and sharing information in ways that are cheap and effective – such as developing free online guides – for those who can’t.

To show and reward initiative and innovation – The Renew Australia model is based on encouraging initiative within communities. We aim to practice initiative, creativity, dynamism and experimentation in our own workplace and work practices . We will encourage our own team – to experiment and innovate within our practices and approaches.

To be lean, efficient and effectiveRenew Australia will both promote and practice efficiency. Our aim is not to build an empire or build the size of our organisation at the expense of our clients – we aim to operate efficiently and effectively, do a lot with a little and teach others how to do the same.


Renew Australia’s social mission is to:

  • Rejuvenate and revitalise local communities – Renew Australia aims to turn around economic decline, decay and despair and bring life back to cities, towns, suburbs and communities. Through doing this Renew Australia improves community cohesion and civic pride, improves economic and employment prospects and can reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.
  • Promote relocalisation – in an era when places are becoming increasingly generic and cities and towns are become places of consumption rather than creation, Renew Australia aims to make communities distinctive as places where unique original things are created, shared and sold. We believe that genuine distinctive, creative local communities are an important counterweight to the homogenising effects of mass production and economic globalisation.
  • Support the arts and creativity – and through doing so enhance the creative and artistic life and cultural richness of places around Australia.